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Why did we choose at Casina di Cornia the pomegranate as a symbol?

It is a plant that grows very well here, in the spring the flowers are beautiful, and at the beginning of the winter its fruit are colouring the bushes, its design is easy and expressive, but it is also an antique Mediterranean fertility symbol, once you open the fruit it is full of juicy seeds.

All these aspects make it particularly adapted to represent our philosophy of respecting the land, along all the production processes we search to preserve or improve the earth fertility, and also working on the aesthetic side of the landscape.

Medals won at Millésime Bio 2012 Challenge!

Challenge Millésime Bio 2012 - Médailles Argent et Bronze

Both our Chianti Classico won a Medal at the Millésime Bio 2012 challenge. The Chianti Classico Riserva Vigna la Casina 2006 won the Argent Medal while the Chianti Classico 2008 won the Bronze Medal.

Great Wine Capital: Best of wine tourism 2010

Great Wine Capital: Best of Wine 2010

We have been selected as one of the winner of the Best of wine tourism 2010 by Great Wine Capitals!


After 2 years studying, and convincing the local authorithy to obtain the permit to install a solar pannel roof on our shed, the 25 of may 2008 we finaly connected it !!

So at the moment we do produce about 90% of our needs. You can see some pictures in the gallery.

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